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The Hamilton Police formed the 66th local of the New Jersey State PBA in 1927. While PBA 66 was formed as a labor union, our members have consistently worked together to establish and maintain a positive police-community relationship here in Hamilton Township. Our brother and sister officers participate, sponsor or assist in numerous local charities and community organizations. We are proud to serve our community on and off-duty.
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Richard Liedtka2016 Officer of the Year

Hamilton Police Officer of the Year: Family is 'everything'

"I'm very humbled, very honored," he said. "It's a little bit different when the 160-some guys you work with all have a vote and you're selected. Hamilton police is a big family."

Liedtka has been with the Hamilton Police Department for 13 years. He previously served one year with a state prison in Chesterfield and two years at a boot camp in Tabernacle, Burlington County.

(Source: Hamilton Police Officer of the Year: Family is 'everything' nj.com 03/24/2016)


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