Hamilton PBA 66

Hamilton Police PBA 66 is a branch of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association. Our charter with the New Jersey State PBA was granted in 1927. PBA 66 is the collective bargaining unit for the 168 dedicated men and women of the Hamilton Police Department. PBA 66 negotiates the terms of employment for its members as well as conducting numerous charitable efforts. The members of this organization take great pride in serving the community, over 80 percent of our members live in Hamilton and are involved in many different community related activities.

Meet Our Board Members
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Robert Whartenby2015 Officer of the Year

N.J. cop with leg amputation named Hamilton 'officer of the year'

"The most strange and awkward part is that police work, in general, is such a team-oriented profession," Whartenby said. "To be told you're different separates you from the team and that's difficult to accept. There's nothing I could do without every other officer." (Trenton Times "Some Assembly Required" 04/07/2015)


  1. Grand Cordon
  2. Exceptional Service
  3. Honorable Service
  4. Good Conduct
  5. Officer of the Year

Other service information

  1. Patrol
  2. Evidence Technician
  3. Field Training Officer
  4. Anti-Crime Unit
  5. Services Section

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